How to Shrink a Shirt to Get The Perfect Fit: Our 6 Favorite Methods in 2022

Can we collectively agree that saggy, unwell-fitting shirts are simply not a excellent glance anymore? Certainly, there was once a time when a t-shirt could dangle down to your knees, but individuals times are behind us (thank god), and now we’re far more in favor of garments that suits appropriately. 

So if you’ve discovered you with a selection of unflattering tops in will need of some 20-first century TLC, here’s how to shrink a shirt in half a dozen different strategies. 

Stuck with a saggy top in its place of a variety-fitting shirt? Study how to shrink a shirt and preserve it down to the perfect measurement. 


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1. How to Shrink a Shirt in the Dryer

Probably the simplest technique of how to make a shirt shrink is to pop it in the dryer and forget about it. Clean your shirt at a superior temperature, and then toss it into the dryer on high warmth. Now sit again and permit the dryer do the rest of the function. 

On the other hand, it’s really worth noting that this system isn’t efficient for sensitive clothing or shirts produced of sensitive material. If you’d like to shrink dress shirts or linen summer season shirts, for illustration, established the heat to a decrease placing and allow it tumble dry in its place of hanging. 

2. How to Shrink a Shirt in the Washer

A minor-known actuality is you can in fact shrink a shirt in the washer, in addition to the dryer. To shrink a shirt in the washing machine, set the drinking water to the greatest heat and run the cycle. Just be positive to wash your objects with related colors, or you possibility getting the dyes bleed collectively. Also, keep in mind to only clean what you would like to shrink. Or else, your beloved pair of trousers may perhaps close up a number of sizes far too modest. 

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3. How to Shrink a Shirt in Very hot Water

This old-fashioned system of how to make a shirt shrink is undoubtedly between the finest. Simply bring a massive pot of drinking water to boil over the stove and slice the warmth as soon as the h2o bubbles. Carefully location your shirt into the pot of scorching h2o and protect it with a lid for at minimum 5 minutes. 

After the time is up, remove the pot lid, pull out the shirt with a extended pair of tongs, and inspect the new dimensions. If it needs to shrink even further, repeat the procedures as lots of instances as important. Finally, you’ll finish up with a correctly shrunken shirt. 

4. How to Shrink a Shirt Devoid of Washing It

If you’d instead skip the washing part of how to shrink a shirt, take into consideration ironing it down for a greater in good shape. Instead of suffering by uncontrollably superior warmth, applying a substantial-excellent iron will enable you to get a far more precise downsize considering that you can regulate the amount of money of heat the garment gets. 

Pondering how to make a shirt shrink with an iron? Just dampen it with a spray bottle or rapidly submerge it in warm water. Then, heat up your iron and move it throughout the shirt right until it is wholly dry. Because you have just dampened it, this might take some time, so be affected person and ensure you transfer the iron continually to avoid singeing the fabric. The warmth must lessen the shirt’s sizing, all without having washing it. 

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5. How to A little Shrink a Shirt

If you only would like to shrink a shirt a little bit, the best way to reach this is to use the boiling water method. Though it usually will take quite a few rounds to shrink a shirt several measurements, submerging it in hot water the moment or two times for five minutes at a time provides you much more manage more than how a great deal it shrinks.  

6. How to Shrink a Shirt with a Hair Dryer

If all else fails, grab the closest hair dryer and get to perform. To shrink a shirt with a hair dryer, clean it on the maximum heat setting initial and then unfold the shirt out on a flat surface. Up coming, established the hair dryer to the optimum heat placing and dry 1 portion of the shirt at a time. This will consider some time but need to consequence in even shrinkage if you do not have a dryer. 

Nonetheless have some lingering concerns? Here’s how to shrink distinct forms of shirts for gentlemen.

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    • Cotton is generally the simplest cloth to shrink as the fibers chill out easily. In simple fact, you’ve probably shrunken a cotton shirt inadvertently and then cursed yourself for washing it on these substantial heat.

      But if you are deliberately attempting to shrink a cotton shirt, you can do this in a couple of techniques. The least complicated is to clean it on large warmth and then pop it in the dryer on the greatest placing. This can lead to a cotton shirt to shrink up to 20% if it has not been pre-shrunk.

      If you’d like a a lot more controlled process of shrinking a cotton shirt, take into account the boiling drinking water or blow dryer technique that you can repeat right until you achieve your preferred in shape.

      • Polyester can be a bit finicky, but it is amazingly simple to shrink. Comparable to cotton, wash the garment in incredibly hot water and then dry it on a superior heat location. 

        If you are concerned about damaging the cloth from too much heat, try the boiling drinking water strategy for 5 minutes at a time or ironing the shirt to only shrink it a bit.

        • Whilst you typically want to stay clear of warmth on Dri-In good shape garments, this can be an effective way to shrink a shirt. Nevertheless, prior to likely wild with the heat configurations on your laundry device, look at out the substance of your Dri-Healthy shirt to reduce problems. 

          Cotton Dri-Healthy shirts can effortlessly be thrown in the dryer to shrink, when polyester or polyester blends ought to be washed in incredibly hot drinking water initially. The moment the garment is awesome and warmed up from the washing equipment, toss it in the dryer on superior warmth to shrink it more. 

          Just recall to convert the shirt inside of out if it is a synthetic fabric to continue to keep the hues vivid and fresh new.

          • To shrink a shirt with print, the most critical point to remember is to switch the shirt inside out prior to continuing. Once the print is tucked inside, clean it on a chilly environment to get it awesome and saturated. Prevent washing the shirt in sizzling drinking water, as this may perhaps induce the print’s shades to operate or fade.

            Afterward, crank up the heat on your dryer and permit the machine do the relaxation of the do the job. Your shirt need to occur out in a smaller size with the print even now intact.

            • The finest way to shrink a men’s costume shirt is with the boiling water method, as dress shirts are generally created with much more fragile materials. Tossing it into the washer or dryer is a gamble as they can be way too violent for this kind of shirt.

              Alternatively, the sizzling h2o stovetop technique will allow you to diligently monitor your gown shirt to get the best fit. If it is however not small plenty of after the to start with round in boiling drinking water, repeat the procedures until finally you achieve the sought after dimensions, and then dangle it to dry.


              Alternatively, you can also shrink a dress shirt by ironing it down, although this will take careful attention to element and might outcome in burn marks if you aren’t looking at it carefully.

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